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Wellness, Luxury, Adventure & Spa Stays Throughout Australia. Let Us Take You There.


Stay in style and comfort as you explore from one, or more, of these beautiful luxury lodges and resorts. Check out the selection below or contact us for a personal request


Relax, refresh and recharge at one of these gorgeous wellness or spa retreats. Enjoy yoga, healthy food, meditation, walking, detox, weight loss programs, health & beauty treatments and personal fitness plans


Explore the depths of the World Heritage rainforest or glide over the stunning Great Barrier Reef. Climb a great escarpment in the remote Outback, join an indigenous cultural experience or paddle up a silent river gorge


Seasonal specials offer the chance to go somewhere you may not have thought of. Check them out here


Choose from these Beautiful Luxury Lodges & Resorts


Relax & Refresh

Find your perfect luxury or wellness stay in Australia. Many lodges and resorts have an on-site spa for gentle massage and therapies. Others offer a full wellness stay with yoga, massage & fitness routines, spa treatments, weight loss programs, detoxes, meditation and delicious nutritious food. Health and wellness can be the focus of your stay or an addition to your planned vacation.


Explore the Wilderness

Explore the amazing ecosystem of the Great Barrier Reef, or wander deep in to World Heritage rainforest.  Stay under the stars in the Outback, or walk the trails through the temperate Blue Mountains. Sail across the north of Australia on a luxury motor yacht, or hike deep into the wilds of a national park. There are fabulous places to stay in all these amazing environments.

Current Specials

Is your favourite stay offering a special right now? Check out here, where we list the specials as they come through. Then just click through to send your preferred dates and other travel details. It’s that easy ….



Start Planning Your Trip.

  • Book a luxury lodge or resort stay with us to ensure you are getting exactly what you want

  • Find the perfect health and wellness stay

  • Book several stays and we’ll arrange your travel between them

  • Ask for a full itinerary of luxury lodge, resort & wellness stays, outback adventures, coastal cruises or an island holiday

  • Plan to arrive in or leave Australia by cruise ship

  • We coordinate your luxury accommodation, wellness stays, activities, airfares, transfers, rental cars and travel insurance to suit your needs


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